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A company that offers opportunities to travel and work in Europe as a volunteer ombre or nanny

A company that offers opportunities to travel and work in Europe as a volunteer ombre or nanny
Explain the way and how to migrate and travel for free and work as a volunteer and with the opportunity to eat and pocket money in order to live and the visa is at the expense of the site and the company that is looking for you to work as a volunteer, either a breeder or a nanny or the second site and concerns agriculture, agriculture and cows Other than that
Immigration to Italy, Spain, and other European countries by working on farms is one of the most popular means of immigration free of charge for these countries, especially during periods of seasons of harvesting some types of vegetables and fruits. 

Where the owners of farms and fields in Europe in general need seasonal workers every year in order to reap and package their agricultural products for wages of not less than 1000 euros per month, with food, drink and housing often given free of charge. The ministries of employment in Europe allocate an important share of labor contracts in order to bring labor from abroad, as the government sets a specific number for the number of work requests, according to what the employers or employers require in proportion to their actual need for workers, as the number of seasonal work contracts in Italy alone In the year 2018, there are about 31,000 labor contracts, where the work in the agricultural field constitutes the largest percentage of these contracts.

Working in Europe on these farms takes a few hours a day for up to months, after which you can immigrate explore the country in which he works and enjoy your spare time learning about the country's culture and its exploits. It is an opportunity to gain new skill and experience in the field of agriculture and agriculture. You can also learn a lot about the environment, fertilizers and other important agricultural knowledge.

The first way: help a family
Among the most famous ways to travel abroad for free, as some wealthy families in America, Canada, and Europe require some volunteers to help with the daily chores of the home, you can search for some families abroad that require a volunteer to help them in some daily chores in exchange for providing his residence, food, and weekly or monthly salary in some cases , And the required help may be caring for the children for a specific period of the day or working in arranging the house or the garden, and in all cases the work required does not exceed a few hours after which you can listen to your time as you like in that country, but you must prove your worth to get this opportunity F. These families will place their children under your care, so they must ensure that you are able to deal with and care for children. You can find these opportunities either through private agencies working in coordination between families and those who want to travel, or through some of the free sites where families offer their conditions to the person Required to travel to them.

The second method: work on farms and agriculture

It is one of the most famous means of free travel abroad and residence for several months, especially for young people, as you work on one of the vegetable or fruit farms around the world in exchange for accommodation and food, and the work lasts for a few hours a day and then you can listen to your time as you like as you discover the tourist places in that country that You work in it, and one of the most popular sites in this field is (WWOOF), where you can register, specify the country you intend to travel for free to, and choose from the available farms to work in that country. In 2015 alone, there were 65 different countries requesting volunteers to work on their farms in exchange for accommodation and food for periods ranging from two weeks to several months. It is also a good opportunity to gain experience in this field and learn a lot about the environment and grow fruits, vegetables, fertilizers and other important skills.
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